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I’m the sort of person who prides myself as a thinker – someone who has the ability to introspect. Yet sometimes, thinkers like myself sometimes get caught in our own web of thoughts, and confuse ourselves. The irony is that, whilst we have the ability to be self aware and reflect upon our thoughts and behaviours, we try to think about too many aspects in too much depth that we lose sight of why we were thinking about such issues in the first place.

In my last 2 years of depression and physical pains, I have had, of course, more than ample time to think. I even started a notebook in addition to the journals I’ve kept writing since I was 9 years old, just to jot down my muses, my emotions and feelings, and to ponder dreams, goals, and visions for myself in my new life.

However, it was not until I came across Anastasiya Goer’s ebook, “Reclaim Your Life,” that I realized how much of a mess my thinking was – and perhaps the answer to why some of my habits remain unchanged even though I have been striving to rebalance my life in the way I want, and to be, for once, myself. (Click here to visit Balance In Me.)

Perhaps unlike many people, I opened the workbook first. I wasn’t sure if I was excited by it or not at first instance – there were lots of blanks to be filled in, and I thought, “uh-oh, homework.” But then, I started reading the ebook and guide, and immediately understood the significance of the workbook.

In fact, I find the workbook a real gem of the whole course to simplify and rebalance our lives.

There is a step-to-step guide related to each chapter and topic to guide our thoughts. I found it particularly beneficial, as I was able to systematically think about issues I would like to think about, be it prioritizing my tasks, or how much I have procrastinated in my life’s goals.

Compare to my little notebook of scribbles, thought-provoking questions in the workbook helped me organize my jumble of thoughts to not merely deliberations, but achievable goals and tasks that could help me change my habits, with the aim of living the balanced life I define for myself.

Then, you may ask, what habits get changed? What is my balanced life? Well, that’s a question for each individual to answer. But fear not, Anastasiya book holds your hand to help you discover your focus and passions in life, and the kind of balance you would like to attain.

Reclaim Your Life” is more than a book in this sense – it is a 15-day course to inspire and encourage you to find yourself. The book tackles one topic a day, leading you through introspection, reasons for your thoughts and behaviours, to the changes you need, and would like to make to attain the kind of lifestyle you aspire to have. (Click here to visit Balance In Me.)

For those who have shied away from thinking through their issues, because yes, it indeed is a big can of worms, I suggest you try this e-book to help you break down what seems like a Herculean task, to manageable steps – as Anastasiya states, “one baby step” at a time. There is no rush, and no pressure. In your own good time.

And for those who are addicted to thinking, and perhaps think too much, trust the workbook to give you some structure and organization, so you do stop getting lost in the forest of ruminations you build for yourself.

Take control of your own life, reclaim it with Anastasiya.

Reclaim Your Life with Balance

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