Where to find help for depression?


In the last two posts, I explained why I do not think there is a set formula for recovery from depression, and shared some of the things others said or did that comforted me in my aggravation and agony.

For those who seek more expert advice, these are some websites I have come across that publish information and advice on what to do in these situations by qualified doctors and psychologists. Whilst I might have signed up to be a member at some of these online communities, I have no personal affiliation with any of them.

Some of these websites offer free online counseling and help, or have links to hotlines one could call for immediate assistance and advice. Please exercise your own judgment what advice to follow or not.

There is not much deep revelation in this post – but I have aggregated some of these websites for your easy reference.
(1) Expert advice, and/or access to therapists online, free advice, hotlines etc:

  • Psychology Today – web version of the magazine with access to information concerning depression and other mental health issues by topic. Has a database to search for qualified experts in the US and Canada if you need to find a psychologist or counselor. There are comprehensive links to blogs written by doctors on depression and other issues.
  • Psych Central – aggregates information on mental disorders and techniques to recover. Has a forum for you to pose questions to therapists for free online advice, including online support groups. There is a variety of posts on different aspects of depression such as the symptoms, teens in depression, and other personal stories.
  • Look OK Feel Crap — online service to help those struggling with depression. Has a community and forum for people to share their experience and thoughts, and a list of SOS contacts for immediate assistance if feeling low or have suicide thoughts. 
  • WebMD –database with articles and news about mental health, including depression, with a list of resources for further reading and qualified online support.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness – America’s grassroots mental health organization dedicated to helping Americans affected by mental illness lead better lives. Offers resources and treatments for depression. 
  • National Health Service UK – health website primarily catered to the UK, with Mental Health Helplines and a search function for therapists and doctors located in your vicinity. 

(2) Advice:

(3) Support:

  • Black Dog Tribe – an online social group to meet others who are depressed and find support. Not comprised of doctors and cannot give medical advice but refers you to organizations that could. A strong community for people to talk, whether depressed or not. Yours truly’s articles on “10 things not to say to a depressed person”, “10 things to say“, and an interview with my partner, were featured on their blog – much obliged.
  • To Wear Love on Her Arms – an NGO in the US with a vision to help and support those struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. They are not trained psychologists but have consolidated a list of hotlines and associations which could offer immediate assistance and other types of counseling.
  • Mental Health Foundation – Helps to reduce suffering of mental health patients through research and campaigns, with an emphasis on managing and coping with stress.
  • Depression Understood – Another online community, forum, support group for like-minded individuals to share experience and offer help for one another. They have a search function to locate organizations which could provide assistance in each individual country. Pretty comprehensive and I have not come across any other websites which offer a similar service.
  • International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression – aims to educate the public about depression. Has an insightful list on famous people with depression.
  • Depression and Creativity – Website dedicated to inspire those with depression to find their creativity through illness, with stories of how famous artists have done so.

(4) Campaign to end mental health discrimination related issues:

  • Time to Change – UK based program to end stigmatization and discrimination of mental health patients. Also has references to organizations one could contact for expert and qualified assistance.
  • Blurt It Out – UK based campaign to end discrimination, and to support and inspire those with depression to speak out and help one another. Their blog is comprised of personal stories of members.
  • Support Line UK – offers support for mental illness sufferers, with a comprehensive list of where to find expert help for a range of issues in the UK, such as bullying, addiction, anxiety, including of course, depression.

(5) Chinese language resources:

(6) Some blogs I have come across:

(7) Facts about depression:

  • For those of you who do not know, the World Health Organization estimates by 2020, depression will be the leading global disease burden. 121 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Depression, as opposed to “feeling depressed” occasionally as we all do, is an illness that causes more death than heart diseases or cancer. Read more here
  • American Psychological Association has a wealth of research and articles on all aspects of mental health.

There is a wealth of information out there, but again, please think about whether the advice is suited to your personal situation, and do your own due diligence. If at any time any counselor makes you feel uncomfortable, it is your right to terminate therapy or report to the organization.

Feel free to add to the list in the comments below to share resources.

I hope this helps somehow!

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depression, recover from depression, how to get out of depression, suicide, international executive, expatriate life, self awareness, finding yourself, balanced life, overachiever and depression, burnt out cause depression, stress cause depression, prevent suicide, Beijing depression, Beijing suicide, Noch Noch, Bearapy,

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