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Guest post by my husband… 

Last night, just I was turning out the lights I asked Noch Noch how was her day. “Not good”, she replied, “I didn’t do anything, except sit on the couch all day”.

I knew very well that while on the couch all day she had been typing blog posts, managing the household administration, checking bank accounts, replying to emails, and probably doing countless other tasks. I quizzed her on how many hours she had spent working (not playing) on the computer? “Ummm…. nine hours”, she stated.

“You’re nuts!” I said, “It doesn’t matter if you didn’t leave the couch, you used your brain all day and even worked more hours than an average office worker does!”

“But, I only wrote 800 words today, I was supposed to write 5000” Noch Noch murmured as she quickly drifted off to sleep.

Noch Noch is an overachiever. It’s not something she decided to be or even wants to be, its just how she is. Part of it is her personality, and part of it I attribute to her high-pressured upbringing where she was expected to perform at the top levels of school, debating, piano class, basketball etc.

Living with an overachiever like Noch Noch is frustrating…

昨晚熄燈後,我問Noch Noch她昨天一天過得怎樣。“不怎麼好。”她回答,“除了在沙發上呆一整天,我不知道我還能做什麽。”



“但是,我今天只寫了800字(單詞),我應該能寫5000字(單詞)的!”Noch Noch嘟嚕著。很快她便睡著了。

Noch Noch是一個成就比預期大的人。這并不是因為她決心這樣,甚至也不是因為她想這樣,似乎她與生俱來便是如此。這當中有一部份是她的本性,另一部份我把它歸咎于她所受的高壓教育,她被大家期望著有良好的表現,無論是在課業,辯論,鋼琴還是籃球上。

…. because she is always unreasonable with herself about what she could accomplish during any single day – even when she is sick. She is rarely satisfied with her own performance, and in her mind everything is results-orientated. Although her attitudes bother me, I can understand her because I am exactly the same.

We had completely different up-bringings, yet turned out with very similar attitudes to achievement and performance. Noch Noch grew up in the Hong Kong and did absolutely everything her mother told her, even when it meant giving up her own hobbies, dreams and desires. I grew up in Australia and refused to do anything my parents told me. I was headstrong, mischievous and often got into trouble for arguing with all types of authority from a young age.

For everything we do, Noch Noch and I are always silently giving ourselves grades for performance: Blog posts, apple pies, Chinese calligraphy, wakeboarding, everything gets a grade for quality, taste, beauty or style etc.

I remember at school in Australia we used to get two grades. One was for actual test scores and the other one was for effort. Although my results were often mediocre in both, for my parents the grade that really counted was effort. I suspect that in Hong Kong effort doesn’t matter at all and only the tangible results grade counts for anything. (Noch’s note: there was no points for “effort” at all in my school…)

One problem overachievers have is benchmarking their best performance days as the standard for what should be achieved everyday.

high achiever, over achiever, recover from depression, perfectionist and depression, suicide, how to be less perfectionist, how to be happy

So when the stars align and with peak energy and concentration I can put in an intensive 18 hour day that includes 12 hours of work, 2 hours of study, 2 hours of exercise and 2 hours for meals and sundries. The problem with this is because, once I know it can be done, I expect myself to perform at that level everyday. Yet, its unreasonable to expect everyday to be like that. As many over achievers aim for peak performance everyday, they end up letting themselves down and being unhappy all the time.

As I get older, and busier and become more demanding on myself, I have also become less satisfied with at the end of each day. A few weeks back this was all becoming too much to bear. I was miserable and beginning to wonder what the point of life was if I was so unhappy everyday.

I started to see myself going down a similar path to depression that Noch Noch took, so I decided to make some changes on how I judged my performance and achievement.

I re-organized my daily activities and started a simple excel spreadsheet system to track see how I spent my time each day. That way, at the end of the day/week/month I would know how I had divided my time, what I had achieved and where I needed to shift focus.

Just as my teachers in Australia had done, at the end of each day I also began to give myself a score out of ten for effort.

This has helped me to be reasonable with myself. So now, regardless of how many words I actually typed or new Chinese characters I learnt, at the end of the day I grade myself on effort. I take into account my energy and concentration levels, external demands on my time and other elements that would affect daily results.

By doing this, it makes it much easier for me to be satisfied with my day because I know if I had tried hard, and almost everyday I try pretty hard. My effort score removes any doubt of whether or not I could have done better. It lets me know that I couldn’t have gotten up earlier, done more sit ups or written an extra thousand words even if I wanted to.

So to my dear wife Noch Noch, I know you don’t like to listen to me, so I decided to write this in a post instead and hopefully your readers will support me.

Please unlearn the notion that tangible results are the only acceptable measure of your daily performance and hence happiness.

Please recognize that everyday cannot be a high performance day and try to give yourself credit for your efforts.

Whether you do or not is up to you and you know I will love you no matter what.

Love Timmie

Please also check out my post on “Communication Breakdown” between the depressed and those who are not and contribute your experience to my soon to come ebook!

跟像Noch Noch般無法預料其成就的人住在一起,實際上,是很令人沮喪的。因為她面對自己每天可以完成的事情總顯得不可理喻。她很少,應該說從來都不會對她的表現感到滿意。在她的腦里,所有事情的結果都已經被定好了方向。儘管她如此的態度讓我很懊惱,但我卻很能理解她。因為實際上,我也是一個這樣的人。

我們接受著不同的教育,然而在面對表現和成就,我們卻有著極為相似的態度。Noch Noch在香港長大,她謹遵媽媽所教授的一切,甚至放棄了她的愛好,夢想以及渴求。我在澳大利亞長大,從不聽從父母的教導。任性、淘氣,經常因辯駁各種權威而闖禍。

對我們所做的一切,Noch Noch和我總在默默的為我們自己評分:博客上的日誌,蘋果派,書法,水上滑板。所有的事物在品質、品位、審美、風格等等都有一個評分。

記得在澳大利亞讀書的時候,我們有兩個成績。一個是確切考試的成績,另一個則是努力分。 在兩方面我都差不多,但對我父母來說,他們真正關心的是我的努力分。而我猜,可能在香港努力分一點都不重要,只有直觀的考試成績才算數。


high achiever, over achiever, recover from depression, perfectionist and depression, suicide, how to be less perfectionist, how to be happy



我開始發現我走進了和Noch Noch如此相似的困境。因此我決定要改變自我審視的方式。





我的愛妻Noch Noch,我知道你并不喜歡聽我對你說教。所以我把這寫到博客上,希望你的讀者會支持我。



愛你的 Timmie

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  1. 黑狗 says:


  2. 黑狗 says:


    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Black Dog


      Hope you feel better soon…

      • 黑狗 says:



        不好意思,说这些会影响你,希望你别介意,all the best!

        • nochnoch says:

          Hi Black Dog

          I won’t mind of course, I am happy you share with me. Maybe take a holiday or a break from the work to refresh yourself? Sometimes I want to give up my writing and I have to forget about it for a few weeks, otherwise I start to hate myself as well. But I guess it’s a job and maybe a bit harder. I am sorry I don’t have much suggestions, but I welcome you share your feelings and hope by talking to me, it helps you a bit


          • Black dog says:



          • nochnoch says:

            Hi Black Dog

            Ai…. i don’t know either. I have exact same thoughts as you sometimes. But I don’t have a company or work so a little different. Have you tried explaining to your business partners? Perhaps they can understand your situation? 🙁


        • Jane says:

          Hey NochNoch, envy you have such a wonderful life partner!!

          • Black dog says:

            谢谢你,jane, 我已看了你的日志,现在的我的确又回到和以前一样,整个人没法子的悲观,没了活力,这对我来说好辛苦。虽然有时会逼着自己去面对一些事和人,但那个感觉真的是不好,因为我觉得我只是我的身体去面对,但心里的我只想不断地逃避,现在每做一件事总有两种声音不停的角力,但我要做回一些积极的事,我的黑狗会说,你不应该在这里,但如果我继续赖在床上,自我的声音却会对我发出不该继续沉沦下去的微弱提示。这真的很让人疯了,这十年来,病情反反复复的延续着,好的时候,我会对人生充满希望,还会不停的告诉自己,忧郁期间已浪费了时间,所以,现在能出来,就要好好的珍惜,不能再蹉跎时间。但现在的我呢?难道又是跨不过压力?难到自己就是那么的容易就被打击吗?一点风浪都经不起?所以这样的状况让我很抬不起头,因为,之前还觉得自己终于好起来,能很骄傲和自信的活着,但现在我看到自己,真的是非常难过,全部事情变调了,怎么和以前完全不同?之前还信誓旦旦能做完成创业梦,但是,即使开始做一些设计的工作,精神不能集中,每一天就想是得过且过,好难受!

          • nochnoch says:

            HI BlackDog
            Let yourself rest a little first, then you can save up more energy to face yourself.
            we will be here for you:)
            Noch Noch

          • nochnoch says:

            Hi Jane, thanks for the suggestions. I also read your diary just now. Thanks for sharing!

          • Jane says:

            嗨,你好,我就觉得你不应该叫“黑狗”呵呵,原来你把另外一个比较负面的情绪称为黑狗。抱歉这么晚才回给你,最近家里有点儿事,一直脱不开身。我以为我的日志会让你有些启发。其实我也只能是以自己的经历来尽量帮你。那就是,好起来,甚至像我这样好得干净利索比之前还强大都是完全可能的,但需要时间和机缘巧合。我不知道你的病因,我的病因我归结为这么几点:1,长期不规律的饮食;2,长期的熬夜,睡眠不够;3,长期缺乏身体的锻炼;4,某一方面的心理弱点,对我来说就是经常把别人的事情放在首位把自己的需求放在一边,扛的太多。我觉得我们的身心二者是合一的,身体不好精神就没有一个舒服的家,当精神得不到妥善安放的时候长期以来堆积的情绪就会倾斜而下,本来的心情不好就会量变到病——抑郁症!当它上升到病的高度时你很难自己和它对抗,更别期待一下子就从泥潭里挣脱出来。事实是,如果你越想和它抗衡就有可能更深地陷下去。比如你想睡,脑子里有两个声音,一个说睡,一个说不睡,你完全可以想:太好了,我现在有两个选择,它们虽然不一样但都很好。如果睡我就可以得到很好的休息,如果不睡我就可以开心做一些我想做的事情,重点是——无论怎样都好。你不要和自己较劲,也不要和任何人,任何事较劲,要像漂在水里的小草一样,顺其自然。一旦发生什么事情,无论是什么事,你要尽量告诉自己“太好了!”然后接受它!你要删除对自己的任何不满,告诉自己“我已经很成功了”,也许这个时候你的“黑狗丫头”会跑过来说:“你成功什么啊?别自欺欺人了!!你又不是美国总统也没拥有天下所有财富,也许,她可能说的是:你工作了很多年到现在还是没事业没家庭没车没房没存款”,你可以开心地告诉她:’黑狗丫头啊,你别急,这些都会有的,你没看到我有自由的思想,健康的四肢,创造的大脑吗?我可以睁眼看到这个可爱的世界,我可以给周围的人一个微笑,我可以去敬老院探访老人给他们安慰,可以去福利院看看那里的孩子给他们带去温暖,可以给无家可归的人一个热腾腾的馒头,黑狗丫头,你知道吗?无论怎样,只要我还能够给予,我就说一个富有的人!” 其实抑郁症是个好事,或者说在它极其狰狞的面孔下也有非常好的一面,因为它能帮你直面你自己一直回避面对的心结,它逼你停下来做这件事,不解决好你一直需要面对但又回避去面对的事情它拒绝你前进。那就简单了,挣脱你的牢笼,勇敢地区面对它,这样,你的面前是一个无比广阔无比光明无比自由的世界!加油!:)Jane

  3. jim says:

    great post. You are a cool guy. Noch Noch is lucky.

  4. Sylvia says:

    What an incredible post that hits so close to home. We all need this. To give ourselves credit and “points” for effort, rather than try to beat our self-imposed benchmark every day. And we all need someone to love us for trying, not our results. You’re very much loved and cherished, Noch. Life is beautiful. 🙂

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Sylvia

      Yes we just need to love ourselves more and be less harsh to ourselves! Hope you are enjoying Hunter Valley 🙂

      Noch Noch

  5. Nigel Chua says:

    Wow Timmie, what a wonderful post that hits straight to home, and I would think it’d hit home in the heart of Noch too, assuming she listens =p

    I agree with you, and yet I disagree with you at the same time. I agree with you with the part that “scoring for efforts” should count, but yet…as I run a business, “effort” is nothing without it converting and taking numbers in its ROI.

    Perhaps, we can merge both into something that is more “converged”, for the lack of a better word.

    Perhaps I think this way as because in the end, I look at bottom line in both quantifiable and qualitative amount for the business…and this is the same for my personal life. I have checklist of things that I need to achieve and “tick once I’ve done”, and yes, it’s stressful but it’s fun and manageable at this point in time.

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Nigel

      hahah, how well you know me – I hardly listen to Timmie :p
      I hope your wife listens to you more!

      That’s true, somethings we do need a benchmark and can’t always be effort, otherwise there is no measure. Just that we don’t need to stress ourselves out to death just trying to reach that benchmark, or in my case, set a benchmark too high that it’s unrealistic…

      and now on to your email…


      Noch Noch

  6. Nigel Chua says:

    Hahaha Nochie, there’s a timing to everything. There’s cycles to everything…maybe today, or in this season, there’s too much emotions drowning out you/your thoughts, and that may make it difficult to pick up communication threads…but you’d never know, there may come a time where you keep looking to Timmie for answers… =P

    No worries, take your time with the email =) I realised that my Gmail fornigel[@] can send emails out but cant receive emails unless i go to the web host’s web-based email page…so annoying… =(

    • nochnoch says:

      Hey Nigel!
      So did you get my email reply? Gmail has been a bugger here in Beijing recently and Internet had been really slow. Wanted to update my blog but internet couldnt connect so I gave up – maybe there is a time for everything and it was the time to be offline haha
      Its hard to learn to take it chill but trying!
      NN 🙂

  7. Nigel Chua says:

    Following the giving points for trying; personally, I think that may be a good way to “pat down” and to go easy on myself but I think it may be a tad too troublesome, as it entails more processes for myself ie

    Plan to over achieve -> DIDNT overachieve -> feel very bad -> use the points for trying to decrease disappointment -> maybe feel better

    As opposed to make more realistic plans with buffer/space to manuver for errors i.e. a plus-minus 10-20% approach

    Plan to achieve with buffer -> plan falls within buffer -> goal achieved -> feels reaaaaaaaaaal good =)

    Of course the latter is idealistic, but with training and experience, it’s a better way. =)

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  9. Tonya says:

    How wonderful you are! Thank you for adding perspective to my often unfocused life.

    Noch Noch,

    Hugs to you!

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