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Forbes published an article I wrote  a while back on why I think Generation Y and Millennial are more prone to depression and anxiety issues. My umbrella argument was that we lacked a purpose in life and was too used to instant gratification. In response to this phenomenon, I suggested the way that we could avoid walking into that rut and one way was to increase our self-awareness.

But never mind my analysis.

I would like to share a comment from a reader.

how to increase self awareness, how to know me better, depression, recover from depression, Gen Y prone to depression

John Agno gave a succinct explanation as to the reason why self-awareness would facilitate change. He pointed out the fundamental importance of self-awareness with profound conciseness when I can’t even start crystallizing the concept in 1000 words.

Beliefs influence perception.

Perception structures reality.

Reality suggests possibilities

Possibilities generate choices.

Choices initiate actions.

Actions affect outcomes.

Outcomes impact beliefs.

Awareness (of outcomes) facilitate change.

Enough said on my part.

Do you agree that self-awareness is first step to change?

how to increase self awareness, how to know me better, depression, recover from depression, Gen Y prone to depression

13 Responses

  1. Justin Mazza says:

    Kudos on getting an article published in Forbes. I was telling my son that when I was young that we had to actually sit through the commercials on TV. We record all shows that we watch now and we fast forward through the commercials. A sort of instant gratification.

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Justin

      Thanks! Haha i remember those days when we watch commercials!! 🙂
      These days I only watch the clips I am interested in on internet!!

      Noch Noch

  2. HS says:

    I’ve gone through various peaks and dips. There seems to be a cycle of some sort and I wasn’t sure if it was work related.

    I remember near the end of 2010, faced a massive dip and the need to re evaluate myself so decided to travel for 2-3 months. I came back, refreshed and ready to start the year again.

    I became stressed out with work and was slowly burning out….I knew that by October/November I would be completely burnt out so I pretty much pushed myself and kept on going and going and doing until October hit…

    Anyway, travel has been a way for me to be self aware. That is, to physically get myself out of a location and go somewhere else. It helps.

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi HS

      Thanks for sharing. And Interesting blog you have!
      Yes I love travelling too and it helps me understand myself more. But sometimes I ignore the physical signs fr my body so I am still learning about myself.

      Good to meet you here and hope to chat again

      Noch Noch

  3. Amy says:

    I don’t travel an awful lot, i worry too much about bad thinsg happening and i keep having pictures in my mind, like a slideshow of a bloody and gory accident or something just as gruesome. But i’m aware that this isn’t right and that i’m thinking too much again and need to do something to get my mind off of it and also be aware about things more. I’m very aware of the way i act sometimes is really wrong but i guess i can’t help it! x3

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Amy

      My shrink taught me to challenge my thoughts, for example, how likely will the accident happen? Actually, not really. Then it helps me slowly dispel my irrational thoughts
      If probability is high, then what do I do to mitigate the risks? etc


      Noch Noch

      • Amy says:

        I was told to do that aswell but it doesn’t help me, i can’t seem to stop thinking about it, even when i’m trying to challenge my thoughts. 🙂 But i’ll get there 😀

  4. I absolutely love the words you attributed to John Agno. So true! At least, for me it’s been that way. Kind of lends towards a “drop in the bucket” feeling… or maybe baby steps… take things one at a time.

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