“…if I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world…”


This was the song my now husband, Timmie, and I danced to during our wedding weekend saga. We started slow and then broke into a hip-hop style where I got to show off my angry birds shoes. The crowd was impressed, haha. Behind the fun and giggles, however, these lyrics serve to remind us of the challenges we had gone through together.

During my worst days, I could not control my sobbing or hatred for the world. It was irrational, I know. My friends told me to get a grip and pull myself up. My parents and seniors told me I was committing a fatal mistake by quitting my job. I felt like the whole world was against me, and I was frustrated at not being able to decipher my problem, or the reasons behind my constant lethargy.

One day, I lay on the brown, fuzzy carpet in our living room, arms and legs spread out, desperate and hopeless. My sobs turned into wails, chokes, and howls.

Timmie came over to where I was sprawled out. He quietly lay down next to me and held my hand. That was all he did. Eventually my crying died down and I felt soothed by his presence.

A few days later, Timmie played me the MTV of this song, Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol. Holding me on his lap, he stroked my hair and said, “We just forget the world… it will be okay Nochie, it will be okay.”

A little more than a week ago, we got married. For one weekend, I didn’t feel depressed at all, for I was contented – contented that it’s now Timmie & I against the world, that we are one, and that it will all be okay.

loved one in depression, how to take care of someone with depression

When we prepared for the wedding, we were adamant that we would write our own vows to tell each other what is deep inside our hearts

Noch Noch’s vow to Timmie: “…during my crisis, you stood by me and helped me understand that the world is not just full of risks to be mitigated, but one that will work out in its own good tim…you helped me find myself, and everyday I’m with you I become a better person…. You are my bestest friend in the world… I will help you build your castles in the sky and love you with everything I am”

Timmie’s vow to Noch Noch: “…from this day forward you will never be alone in the forest or need to be afraid of the shadows because I will be there to hold you… you inspire me to be a better person and overcome the challenges life brings with our mutual respect, admiration, competitiveness and love…. No matter what, love will see us through and make all our dreams come true!”

Rumour has it that all the men were discreetly wiping away tears when we spoke our vows.

Friends and family came from all over the world to witness our joyous day. We felt truly loved. The support from these close friends was relentless during our trying times, and for that we are grateful.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I live another day, knowing that it will be okay eventually. And today I slowly ease back to the online world.

I live another day to write, to tell you my story. So that you, too, may find the strength and encouragement to hang on, and to make the changes in the life you know you need to make.

Should all forsake you, I will lay here with you in cyberspace, and just forget the world.

You are not stuck. You can do it too.

loved one in depression, how to take care of someone with depression

loved one in depression, how to take care of someone with depression

55 Responses

  1. The Vizier says:

    Hiya Noch Noch,

    I can understand what you went through. The hatred for the world and all. I was too manly to sob, so I didn’t do it much. 😛

    Timmie is pretty wise to do what he did by lying down at your side. Instead of telling you how you should behave, he let you be and in the end, when you sobbed your fill, you were fine again.

    Loved your wedding photos! Thanks for sharing them with us! All your red wedding costume lacked was those Empress Dowager long finger nails haha!

    Ah it is always inspiring to see true love between couples who can brave all kinds of adversity together. I am glad to see that your wedding turned out beautifully and I hope that you have had a great rest and feel more recharged as well. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this lovely part of your life with us!

    Irving the Vizier

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Irving

      Thanks so much! It was a great wedding and I really enjoyed myself. And indeed Timmie was great to know what to do, which was nothing 🙂

      Thanks for being a great friend to us!

      Noch Noch

  2. Rohan aka little brother says:

    Beautifully portrayed :). Congratulations again and yes there were tears during the vows

  3. Daniel Waters says:

    Congratulations Noch!

    So glad that you had a wonderful day. It sounds absolutely beautiful!

    Angry Birds shoes? That’s the best idea ever! 🙂 x

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Daniel

      Thank you!
      Yup – Angry Birds shoes is my favorite ahhaha!!! I’m wearing an Angry Birds hat as I type 🙂

      Noch Noch

  4. Ani says:

    what a good news!!!!!

    Congratulations dear and many happy years together.

  5. Baba Wu says:

    Hi Enoch ,

    Long long time no see la, great to hear that you hot married! I read your blog, being touched by it,
    Happy to know that you went out from depression !
    There ‘a full of love in the world , many many fans supporting you , although we didn’t meet for long long time , I still supporting you always !

    Keep in touch

  6. Andy says:

    Congratulations to you and Timmie! Glad to know that you had a great wedding. With such great vows to each other, I am sure your marriage will bring you both happiness in many happy years to come.

    Great photos too! And I am now curious how your angry birds shoes look like!

    Thanks for sharing it with everyone. Take care, enjoy married life 🙂

    • nochnoch says:

      Hey Andy

      Thank you. I’ll send you a photo of my angry birds shoes ahhaha… We are happy, but still so tired from the wedding. But tired from a good party!!!

      Noch Noch

  7. donald duck says:

    Hello Nochnoch, congradulations! Big day for you. Congradulations.

  8. Leslie says:

    Congratulations!!! So happy for you. Reading your vows brought tears to my eyes.

    You guys got married in my absolute favorite place in Beijing. I am making a list for someone who is about to visit and Ritan Park is at the very top! The ideal spot to rest in a generally chaotic city. So quiet and green.

    Wishing you and Timmie many, many years of happiness together!

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Leslie

      THanks for your wishes. Actually the venue was at Long Tan Park in Beijing, near the Temple of Heaven. It’s relatively less well known as Ritan but it was pretty all the same. We were able to use a lot of the park pavilion, the terrace of the converted courtyard restaurants, boats and all 🙂

      Take care
      Noch Noch

  9. Andi-Roo says:

    You move me. Your words bring me to tears, your vows warm my heart, your pictures bring beauty to my day, & your sorrow tears at my soul. You are so beautiful, inside and out, to share your most joyous day with us, alongside your worst crushing moment. I’m so glad your partner will lie with you when nothing else will make the pain subside. I have someone, too, who lies with me when I am empty and hollowed from crying, & it makes me so happy to know you are not alone. Depression is such a bitch. But we kick her ass together. For a while, at least, we can push her over the cliff back into the dark night where she belongs. Congratulations, & thank you.

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Andi-Roo

      Thanks for the sweet message, and I’m happy to know you got someone who will lie there with you too. Yes, let’s kick ass together and beat depression 🙂

      Noch Noch

  10. Hi Noch,

    Writing this after choking up on the vows… What a beautiful ceremony, thanks for sharing it with us! And the bear audience looks so cute!

    Congratulations to you both! And thank you for your message to the rest of us. The vast cyberspace feels a bit warmer and more familiar with you in it! 🙂


    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Vlad

      Yeh! I loved having my bears there hahaha… thanks for the note and wishes, and thanks again for looking after my readers while I was gone. Am back a little now!!!

      Grateful for your friendship
      Noch Noch

  11. jennierosalie says:

    Noch, looking at your wedding photos made me feel so happy for you. You are both so lucky to have each other. Hold on tightly and never let go coz what you’ve got is truly rare. I hope I get to meet you both someday. You are both incredibly strong and amazing people to have gone through what you both did. Many well-wishes from the Philippines. 🙂

  12. Annie says:

    I know on the days my daughter feels really bad and so down she cant see things being better that she cant find the words to express how she feels. These are the times i just hold her, lie with her and stroke her hair. I cry with her and i am in pain for her. Sometimes i feel her depression is tearing all of us apart. Some days i really feel my heart hurts so much for her, it could break. Then there are the good times when she is on top of her feelings and life is going well. She is in a relationship with a wonderful man who is very understanding, he hears her, he listens. It is such a never ending battle. We are all tired but fight on. Your wedding photos are beautiful and i am so happy for you. Keep fighting. Every day is precious.

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Annie

      thank you for taking care of your daughter like that. That’s all she needs to know she is not alone. I’m glad she has a supportive man too. We will venture out of depression sooner or later, and we need the support in the process. So thank you

      Take care
      Noch Noch

  13. Anastasiya says:

    Congratulations, Noch!
    You were a beautiful bride! Thank you for sharing this special moment with us 🙂

  14. Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Noch Noch,

    …angry bird shoes.LOL
    Is there a video of that because if so I will need a copy of it.

    You look great together, I wish you guys the very best.

    ps: I love that song


    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Akos

      Hahahah – yes I think there’s a video somewhere but waiting for the videos to come back from the professional team. Hahah if you are lucky I might share it here 🙂
      Will be posting up the shoes I wore in the next post soon

      Thanks for the wishes
      Will be back to visit your blog soon

      Noch Noch

  15. Lily Lai says:

    Dear NochNoch,
    Your story truly touched my heart…..You looked absolutely gorgeous and I wish the both of you all the happiness and joy in the world!

  16. I am SOO happy for you, Noch Noch! =) Congratulations!! =) I’m so glad your wedding turned out so beautifully. “Chasing Cars” is one of my favorite songs and I love the meaning you found in it for you and Timmie. The Angry Bird shoes and the bears are fantastic personal touches! =) All the photos so made me smile!

    Wishing you worlds of happiness! =)

    • nochnoch says:

      Hey Samantha

      Thanks! Hahahah yeh my favourite bits were the bears and angry birds shoes :p Those were the elements I was adamant needed to be present in the wedding. It was so fun but surreal!

      How is your honeymoon going, or have you come back already? we haven’t had time yet to plan that ourselves. Maybe later

      Hope married life is blissful for you so far!!!

      Noch Noch

      • I got back from my honeymoon a couple weeks ago! It went well! =) We tried a whole bunch of new things in Lima!

        Wishing you the very same bliss, Noch Noch! =) Hope you can go on your honeymoon really soon! =)

        • nochnoch says:

          Hi Samantha

          Glad to hear you had a good time in Lima yay! Thanks and yeh hope we can get to go on a break soon 🙂
          Take care, speak soon

          Noch Noch

  17. Benny says:

    The wedding looked amazing. Looked like a wedding I would have loved to have gone to! Congrats on a lifetime of happiness!!

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  26. Francesca says:

    So lovely to just be with someone!

  27. Shevie says:

    You looked so beautiful on your wedding day. And I love this song too. I’ve been thinking about it this whole week. And thanks for lying with me cyberspacially and just forgetting the world.
    And maybe I can also find someone who could “help me get some sleep”.

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