inspiring blog posts for recovery from depression (part I of II)


Prompted by my readers, I decided to consolidate specific quotes from blog posts – not just websites – that have helped me rearrange my depressed thoughts, and in one way or another inspired me to get out of my rut slowly.

In a state of destitute misery, I suppose we try to grapple with anything that comes our way, and try to hold on to whatever life boats we can find. Unfortunately, in the midst, we get more confused with the wealth of information and emergency hotlines Google sends us.

Actually, what have helped me more, were websites that were completely irrelevant to mental health and depression.
There are too many of them, so I arbitrarily had to divide them up into two posts. So, in no particular order, here is Part I of the specific paragraphs from blog posts that have helped me in one way or another, through this difficult time. All of them can be quotable quotes themselves:

1. Doodles from A Beautiful Revolution – Andre Jordan

Delightful, satirical, cynical, humourous little doodles during his depression, which have since then, been published into bestsellers. I appreciate the humour and amusing way depression is depicted in his illustrations. Made me giggle a little even when I was stuck in my dark thoughts. I wrote to him once, never got a reply. But doesn’t matter, I think he’s received my little email of gratitude, and I think he’ll send me a little doodle one day.

2. “Feel your fear and redefine it” – Mazzastick

Everyone who wants to make a massive change in their life goes through this with their belief system. And the ones who are living the lives they truly want regardless of what others think were able to move beyond the limiting belief.

3. “What message will you leave behind?” – Upgrade Reality

Why do you wake up in the morning? What inspires you to be full of energy and ready to tackle whatever comes your way? What makes you want to really live, move mountains and share your love with the world?

4. “How listening to your hunches can change your life” – The Happy Seeker

Listen to the little nudges that life brings to you. We live increasingly busy lives and that busyness can easily distract us from the wisdom inherent within us.

5. “Tell me everything you know about mashed potatoes” – Momentum Gathering

Writers have to allow themselves to write badly. When you let yourself write crap you’re at least writing and slowly you begin to push past the discomfort, the awkwardness and you find a rhythm — your rhythm, your potatoes start to let off steam. When you start exercising, eating differently, meditating or changing your hours, you’ve got to be okay with being bad at it at first.

6. “My life is out of balance” – Balance in Me

The general idea of balanced living is that you divide your life into 6 areas (family, finances, career, friends and social life, health, spirituality) and you try to give equal amounts of attention to each of these areas. If that’s what you are looking for on this blog, then I am sorry to disappoint you. I do not believe in that type of balance. I do not know any single person that lives a truly balanced life (in the sense I’ve just described). And I do not see how this logically divided life can be happy and fulfilling

7. “Letting go of painful memories” – Tiny Buddha

The hard part is that we often need to let go over and over again. It isn’t like pulling off a band-aid. Old wounds have a way of resurfacing as we stumble, learn, and grow.

This doesn’t make us weak. It makes us human. We don’t need to let go of anything forever. We just need to learn what it means to let go in a moment, and then remember what that looks and feels like to do it again when necessary.

8. “5 signs that you have settled (& What to do about it)” – The Change Blog

If you are chasing your dreams, waking up in the morning should be fairly easy. Why? Because you look forward to the day ahead. You are excited about the unlimited possibilities a new day brings. If all you want to do if go back to sleep when your alarm goes off, it could mean that you are settling for less than your true potential (or, you may just have had a big night…..).

9. “My Epiphany” – Simpler Life Today

But if I was able to give you something to think about, some spark of inspiration to bring with you into your life, if I give you anything at all of value, no matter how small, then my purpose was achieved and I can justify writing another day.

10. “7 famous people who found success starting in their 30s” – Get Busy Living Blog

Each of them had different careers before discovering their true passion. Some never gave up their dream but did odd jobs to survive. I’m sure every single one had struggles along the way. Stallone even had to sell his dog just make some money!

If you have a dream you’ve been working on, but haven’t seen the results you wished, let these people inspire you to keep going. Your time might just come a bit later.

11. “Enduring the Unendurable” – Meant to be Happy

It hurts – there is an indescribable ache that throbs in every beat of your lonely or troubled heart. It sometimes feels like you want to just throw in the towel and call it quits. We all understand the desire. 

All I can ask of you is please, don’t There is hope. There is hope. Please believe me when I say to you, straight from my heart through this page to your sould, there is, in fact, hope that lingers in the reality of what life was meant to be and who governs the process we experience living it.

12. “A conversation with fear” – Prolific Living

There are times in your life where you should not allow Fear to come in through that door. There are days that Fear should not interrupt. There are moments when you need to muster the courage and silence the Fear. There are days that Fear should absolutely not darken with its shadows.

Each of these chunks of words, strung together, spoke to me somehow at that particular time and space. I don’t recall how no; I just remember them.  Every week or so, I make myself a cup of honey tea, and then click “open all links” from my bookmarks, and slowly go through these websites, allowing my instinct to guide me to new ones clicking here, clicking there.

I hope you find some comfort, reassurance and encouragement through these websites that have helped my depression too.

Be well. Be me.

Any particular pieces writing inspired you lately? Please let us know in the comments. If you like my writing, please share with your friends to help my blog grow. Thank you!

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  1. Katie says:

    Noch Noch, a lovely collection. I’m so glad I helped. A piece of writing that inspires me has always been Mary Oliver’s The Journey which begins with the words, “One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice — though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles, “Mend my life!” each voice cried. But you didn’t stop. You knew what you had to do.”

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Katie

      Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your constant inspiration through your writings! I love that quote you put in as well. So profound – “You knew what you had to do”
      We all need to trust ourselves, our own inner small voice of calm

      Hope you are well

      Noch Noch

  2. Hi Noch,
    I’m flattered to be in such profound company. If I may, I want to point out that your self-reflection has been a huge inspiration to me. You deal with life’s challenges with such grace!

    Thank you! 🙂


  3. Benny says:

    Thanks so much Noch! I’m glad my writing found a way to help you.

    Glad our paths crossed and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you!

    • Kath says:

      Noch – this and describing the onset of symptoms – and ignoring them – so helpful – thank you!

      • nochnoch says:

        Hi Kath

        Thanks – I’m glad I’ve been of help. I hope whatever you are going through now, that you know you are not alone, and you will find a way that is best for you to overcome the challenge

        Take care!
        Noch Noch

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Benny

      Indeed – was great to come across each other. Thanks always for your inspiring blog 🙂

      Noch Noch

  4. Annie Andre says:

    Noch Noch,
    great collection. i actually love the post What message will you leave behind?” – Upgrade Reality
    and the one Benny wrote too. But that one about mashed potatoes was great.

    I’ve bookmarked the others for future reading in bed.. 🙂

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Annie

      Glad you like the collection. I think we tumble across websites for strange reasons the universe knows but we can’t decipher. I seem to have read the below at the right moment and it was just that little bit to help me get up or stop thinking about ending my life.

      Hope you find some inspiration there too. Happy reading 🙂

      Noch Noch

  5. Ken Wert says:

    I’m honored to be referenced here, Noch Noch! What you do here for people, reaching out through your own personal experience with depression is of such immense value. Thank you so much for who you are and what you do. We’re all walking this journey together and it’s good to reach out to others who have stumbled (as we all do from time to time) top give them a lift.

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Ken

      Thanks for the kind message, and thanks for inspiring me. Hopefully my rambles can help someone out there today. That is enough 🙂

      Take care
      Noch Noch

  6. Alexander says:

    Noch noch, I love this idea hahaha.

    But in all seriousness, when you think about how many of us hate our jobs it’s a pretty shitty return that we get 2 days of freedom for 5 days of slavery.

    It just doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of things.

    In the Millionaire fast lane, MJ also talks about this a lot. The idea that trading 5/2 is a really terrible trade. 5 days of indentured slavery for 2 days of freedom I think he calls it.

    Honestly, I’m more into what you said — I really want to strive for work that blurs the boundaries between work and play. I really really really want that to normal day at work.

    In the meantime, it’s ironically gonna take a lot of work to get there !

    So how are you doing and what are you up to Noch Noch? 你的名字到底是什么意思?

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Alexander

      hahah – yes it’s a bit of an ideal, but we need some ideals to propel us in the direction to finally find some balance in whatever we are striving for! It is ironic though, that it takes a lot of work to get there. Keeping a blog, as you would know, takes a lot of energy and time too! And sometimes it just exhausts me mentally and physically. I sometimes wonder if I’m ever capable of going back to “work”…

      Just got married is what I have been up to… as for my name, well, it’s a mystery… ahhaha 🙂

      Noch Noch

  7. Andi-Roo says:

    Love this list — will be checking out part 2 shortly, but this one is uplifting & inspirational. I shall pass it on to some friends I know could use this sort of pick-me-up. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Andi-Roo

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the list. These passages really helped and hope it inspires some of your friends too

      Noch Noch

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  9. M says:

    This might sound a little weird, but I personally recommend the post ” Adventures in Depression” from the blog Hyperbole and a Half. I found it very touching.

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  11. Kirk says:

    It’s super blog, I would like to be like you

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