what’s holding you back?


I don’t know.

Then maybe you can find out with Justin Mazza’s new ebook and audio program, “Overcoming Fear: Are You Ready to Stick It to What’s Holding You Back?

Fear can be motivation and fuel for action. There’s a sense of thrill that comes with doing something that scares the sh!t out of me.

Yet, most people stop frozen on track once fear hits, and never experience the exhilaration of doing that one thing we are so afraid of, but could possibly change our lives for the better. And so we are stranded.

Worse, some of us don’t even know what is holding us back from pushing our feet off the ground, our eyes blindfolded, and doing a backward flip from 10 storey high to somewhere in the unknown. We know we will land in a soft pool of cotton candy and care bears and yet we are afraid to jump.

It is impossible to eliminate fear but we can channel the fear into action. Indeed, fear, as Justin & co point out, is useful to a certain extent such as to warn us of danger. I resonated with this book particularly because it is organized in a way that different people at various stages of their lives could easily identify with – I have bits of a Wanderer and Journeywoman in me. Assuredly, the guide is not an impulsive call to jump off the mountain cliffs. Rather it’s a practical journey on how to prepare ourselves to let go of the fear – and more importantly, what to do afterwards.

I also had a chat with Justin on why he decided to write this book:

1. What gave you the idea for this book on overcoming fear?

Lisa Wright, a co-author of the program and myself came up with the idea during a Skype Chat. The initial question was, “What is a common problem that most if not all people have?” The answer we came up with after some brainstorming was,”How to Overcome Fear.”

2. Why did you write about fear instead of everything else you could write about?

Fear is a common problem in our World regardless of where you live. The World is abundant with creative and talented people yet most of them are held captive by their fears. We created this program to give insights and inspiration to dealing with your fears. Plus the programs comes with over 3 hours of audio interviews with top personal growth experts and 2 free bonus eBooks in addition to the Overcoming Fear eBook.

3. What difficulties / fear did you encounter in the process, if any? How did you overcome them?

The Biggest challenge with creating this book was the geographical location. I am in Baltimore, Lisa is in Philly and Tohami is in Egypt. We all have lives and schedules, so finding time to get together on Skype for communication purposes was the biggest challenge.

We used email to communicate when we couldn’t get together to talk on Skype. Thank God for modern technology.

Our biggest challenge now is getting the word out about the Overcoming Fear program. It is a great program with lots of extras so you will definitely get your money’s worth.

If you feel a tug inside you, something you want to do but you can find a gazillion excuses not to, then hop over to Justin’s website and check out this book for yourself. You might discover a new life.

On that note, I am not affiliated to the sales of this book. I’ve decided to stop being an affiliate to any sales for now. Anyways, I hadn’t done much except via Amazon here and there and also in promoting Anastaysia’s ebook on reclaiming a balanced life, which I also genuinely recommend. I’m writing about Justin’s book because I like the book.

Justin has been a great friend for me in my blog building experience and even if you don’t buy his book, go read his website! There is much to learn!

2 Responses

  1. Justin Mazza says:

    Thank you Noch. You said it is so well in your post. Many of us want to completely eliminate fear but that is impossible to do. The key is responding to fear in the body and mind in a “neutral” way.

    Fear becomes our ally once we figure out what message it is trying to send us. We no longer have to fear our fear.

    • nochnoch says:

      Hi Justin

      That’s a great way of putting it – we no longer have to fear our fear. I think that’s what deters most people, we are afraid of our own fear, and not of the actual event / object

      Thanks for creating such a great program for us!

      Noch Noch

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