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  1. srini says:


    Post chinese new year your sense of humour has improved. my mathematics is not. I counted only 8. what are the other two?

  2. Susan Bentley says:

    Wonderful topic. BUT I have a huge what NOT to say. This is what my only child- my beautiful 27 year old daughter who I raised alone from the age of 6.
    “Mum- I can no longer cope with your petty little dramas and I’m busy planning my wedding and with my career. You said your door is always open to me, but I won’t be walking through it and my door is closed to you. I want no further contact and am thankful Dad and Deb (stepmother) have been so wonderful to me. Hope one day you manage to do something with your life other than lie in bed being depressed. Goodbye”.
    At this point the ONLY thing stopping me from taking my own life is that I’m a Christian.
    I am spiraling further down as the emotional pain is excruciating.

  3. Srini says:

    Hi! Noch
    Nice seeing you after a long time. Cheers.srini

  4. Stephanie says:

    I have one to add “Stop being so Negative” I can go days in a good mood having my good days. Then that bad day comes my spouse will always say stop be so negative, you’re always negative hello I do very well to go a few days happy. Point out that one day among all the rest. But never do I hear I love to see your having a good day no always and only point out my bad!! Grr

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