confronting the past


Dwelling in the past and letting events in history affect us today is pointless. My childhood dramas, lost passions, missed opportunities, and failed exams that have dented me cannot change anything today.

There’s a lesson to be learnt in every historical event however, so confront the past, understand its causes and effects, and feel the emotions.

I now comprehend what images I tried to preserve and why I put on certain masks in front of the world through sitting at home the last year and pondering about the last 29. I’ve felt bitter, infuriated, frustrated, disappointed, hopeless, desperate, irritated as a result. But since I have now processed all these thoughts and emotions, let this all be a building block.

The past is part and parcel of who you are. Embrace it and learn from it. I appreciate myself better today than I did a year ago.

Yet history cannot be altered. So indulge not – a fine line from mere confrontation and reflection.

Find your own crayon and draw the line.

I’m drawing mine, wobbly-ly…

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