“I KNOW what I am doing!!” – aged 25


What I have now is the best. I’ve done well for myself. I know what is best for me so you don’t need to tell me. Don’t worry about me, I am happy.

Seriously, trust me, there can be no better jobs than mine out there. It lets me travel to all these snazzy, cool cities. I meet lots of interesting people everywhere and learn different languages. I have all these holidays every year so I can travel around, hit the beaches and work on my tan when I’m not in the office. Plus I make a pretty decent living that enables me to live the lifestyle I want. I cannot complain about work either – in fact, work is great, I love a challenge and this stretches my limits. I’m managing a team and my team is all younger than me. I’m going to be a good manager and earn their trust and respect. I will lead well. I will be the best RM. My bosses are great. They guide and coach but never micro-manage. Lots of room for me to explore and work to my potential. It’s my resolution today on 1 Jan 2007 that I will work my @ss off and earn the best rating by year-end. Career is my life. Work is my life.

I love getting into the office before 8am and sometimes not home till 11pm. I love eating spicy cup noodles after a shower in front of the computer on Facebook, then going to sleep at 1am. It thrills me sometimes to wake up at 3am to check my blackberry to see if the US has replied – NOT, but that’s ok for now because I’m learning a new job and I need to work hard.

Sometimes I get off earlier in the evenings and go to the gym, or have dinner with my friends and we try out different restaurants everywhere. Friday nights I go party with them but I’m always home before midnight, because I have to study on the weekends. And I hardly ever touch alcohol, because I cannot afford the time for a hangover. I have my books to attend to: CFA, LLM, GMAT… my life is full of exams one after another. Why do I take them, I don’t know – but why not, I might as well when I’m young, you never know when these qualifications might come in handy.

What did you say about taking it easy and health is the most important? Oh don’t worry about it, I’m very healthy. I maintain a balanced life: work, play, sleep, rest, and I never forget to go to the spas regularly for a massage to de-stress. See, I am doing so well. I am very self-aware. I can cope with the stress of life and I’m having a great time. Oh, those colds I’ve been having every few months? It’s just the a/c in the office. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I am so happy with the life I’m leading. I have the energy and stamina to work hard, so I must take advantage of this optimal time.

When they ask why I am doing all these exams and working so late, my friends and family are simply concerned about me. I am grateful for them. But I know what is best for myself. I KNOW what I am doing

– aged 25


I really didn’t know any better. But it was a learning process, and a dream I was chasing perhaps, where everything was colourful and promising.

Although it took me 4 years and too many hospital visits, I’m glad I’ve woken up now so I can turn a corner to reorganize my health, my life and my priorities. Maybe you might want to too, and better if are still 25 years old…

– aged 29

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