On doing nothing for World Mental Health Day


I feel I am always playing catch up, and when I do have the calendar space to do so, I tend to fall sick. And a bad cold I have been fighting with for the last two weeks – not serious enough to be debilitating, but bad enough to strip me of energy.

I feel I am lagging behind. I see a flux of worldwide initiatives for today – World Mental Health Day. Campaigns, full weeks’ of events, public awareness movements, blog posts, social media updates, Twitter chat, launch of new programmes and research reports etc. I had wanted to host an event here in Beijing for 10 Oct too but in the end I did not have enough mind capacity to pull it all together.

I was particularly overwhelmed recently with the sheer number of people in the space of mental health, and wondered what difference would I make? And how will I get Bearapy up and going?  Keep Reading…

about Noch Noch

Enoch Li, (pen name: Noch Noch) was born and raised in Hong Kong and Australia. She has also studied / worked / lived in the US, France, UK, Japan, The Netherlands, China, and has travelled to more than 40 countries. She loves travelling and her curiosity in foreign cultures and languages has led her to enjoy her life as an international executive in the banking & finance industry. However, she was forced to take time off work in 2010 due to her illnesses and after spending time in recovery, cooking, practising Chinese calligraphy, reading and writing – in short, learning to take care of herself and letting out the residual work stress, she has transitioned into a Social Entrepreneur and founded BEARAPY to help corporates make workplaces mentally healthy, and support executives to become more resilient.