Happy Mother’s Day Rant that never got published

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I was going to write about the stupidity of Mothers’ Day, pitch it to Huffington Post, let it get rejected, and then grudgingly post it on my own blog so it would not get read. It never got written in time. I chose to nap instead of storming on my keyboard – until now.

My Mother’s Day, in case any of you are interested, was spent with a sleepy husband because my daughter was sick the night before and he had to get up to attend to her. Then, we proceeded with a muddily thrown together plan to take a boat ride in a nearby park, with my daughter throwing up all the soy milk I had made for her over the boat. Once we got home, I passed out for another nap, and in the late afternoon, PLPL helped Daddy build the bed for the imminent baby whilst I verified the breastpump still worked after sitting in a box for 2 years. Daddy and daughter had leftovers of frozen Bolognese sauce over rice for dinner whilst I slurped noodles in soya sauce. Not much of an Instagram moment. Keep Reading…

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